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DiFranco Commercial Real Estate (DCRE)

We begin any process by performing a needs analysis where we actively listen and and ask appropriate questions to help determine your specific real estate and overall needs.  

Next, we help our clients determine both short and long term goals. DCRE's main priority is to help our clients achieve these goals via mutual alignment, execution and adjustment. 

Tenant Representation

We develop calculated market penetration plans that are congruent with the overall development plans of each specific client. We analyze both demographic and psychographic behaviors of specific targeted markets. We understand that each tenant is unique and possesses individual means and methods of achieving success, and we make it our mission to intimately understand each concept’s business and their customer. In-depth analysis of competition, sales data, and other relevant factors is included with the plan and entered into the strategy. The plan and site opportunities are communicated in spreadsheets with location data, aerial photographs and maps, and boundary surveys and site plans.  The data contains the information to make decisions such as relevant market, traffic, sales, and competitor information. Multiple opportunities are created, negotiations commence, and deals are completed.

Landlord Representation

Having a strong background and understanding of Landlord Representation has DCRE take on a different approach within this particular subset.  We believe in taking a thorough approach to Landlord Representation. This means analyzing and determining potential tenants, market and rental rates, market drivers and demand, building relationships with city officials and economic development authorities, analyzing optimal configuration of the property as well as merchandising mix, examining lease abstracts, exclusives and restrictions, and looking for any value-add opportunities to the project. When properly approached, this is clearly a time consuming procedure. When relationships with prospective tenants are established, our brokers will conduct showings, provide daily activities include drafting marketing materials, conducting property showings, proactively approaching tenants to ensure overall satisfaction, negotiating letters of intent and proposals, and communicate with the other parties’ broker. Throughout the assignment we must keep subject landlords well informed, assess any project needs or shortcomings and pivot, and work diligently to ensure that all communications, relationships, and deals are carried out and completed professionally and satisfactorily. This means we need clear, strong relationships with property owners who understand and appreciate the involvement.

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