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The most Effective Billboard Advertising Tips


Keep these basic ideas in mind as your begin your advertising journey. 

Keep Your Advertising Design Simple
Advertisements should be straightforward and to the point. Stick with one creative idea. Billboards can be used to help your audience get somewhere or suggest what they should be doing. Resist the urge to pack a lot of information onto a billboard. If you keep the message simple, you’ll get a better response. Because our audience is mobile, exposure time is typically four to five seconds. So say it loud and say it clear and  in seven words or less.

Use Readable Fonts
Fonts selected for design must be easy to read from variable distances. Use large, legible typefaces. Fonts with thin strokes or ornate script will be difficult to read, so stay away from those. Adequate spacing between letters, words and lines will enhance visibility. Another tip: words with both upper and lower case characters are generally easier to read than all uppercase characters. 


COLOR Strong color contrast is an important aspect of design. The greater the contrast between the background and copy, the easier it is to read from a distance. Use dark text on light backgrounds and light text on dark backgrounds. Research demonstrates that high color contrast can improve advertising recall significantly so keep that in mind. 

REMEMBER Readability is also dependent on color contrast. Higher contrasts will allow smaller text size. Complicated backgrounds behind text will also reduce readability.

COPY The average viewable time of a bulletin is around 7 seconds, and many drivers are unable to pull their eyes off the road for the full 7 seconds. Try to limit copy to 9 words or fewer. Detailed descriptions and long lists of products and services work better on websites, mailers, and brochures where viewers have more time to read them.

The ideal out of home ad contains three basic elements:

1. IMAGE/GRAPHIC Grabs the viewer’s attention and makes them look at the ad.

2. COPY LINE Describes the product, service, or message being advertised

3. BUSINESS NAME Lets the viewer know where they can get the product/service.

THE KEY TO EFFECTIVE DESIGN IS BREVITY. Simple, clear, and concise designs are the best way to get the most bang for your outdoor buck.

Is your ad effective? Test your design by printing it on an 8.5”x11” piece of paper. Stand 6 feet away from a friend and hold up the ad for 5 seconds. Cover the ad and ask them to recall what was on it. If all design elements were digested, you have an effective ad. IF the part recalled does not directly relate to the advertiser in the design, it’s time to re-think the ad. Remove any unnecessary information. Emphasize the main points of the design, the copy line, the advertiser’s name, depending on the AD's main purpose.

Highly effective billboards are simple, clear, and concise. They are designed with the core concepts of copy, color, and readability in mind.

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